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Introduction to Aviation Physics: PDF Lesson Download

Drag and Aircraft Design: PDF Lesson Download

Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics: Website

External Resources

NASA's "First Woman" Comic Novel: Website

Airbus' Science of Flight: Website

National Air & Space Museum's Air & Space Anywhere: Website

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center's GIST (Girls In Science & Technology) Program: Website

NASA's "Advanced Air Mobility" STEM Learning Module: Website

SAE's STEM at Home Activities: Website

Clemson University for Workforce Development STEM Simulation Library: Website

Redbird's Virtual STEM Lab: Website

Royal Aeronautical Society's Cool Aeronautics Programme: Website

Boeing Educational Resources: Website

How Helicopters Work: Website

How Helicopters Work: Youtube Video

How Helicopters Fly: Website

STEM Learning's Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering Resources and Activities: Website

University of Iowa's "The Secret of Flight" educational videos: Website

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Flight School: Website

TryEngineering Together (eMentoring Program): Website

Simple Dollar's Guide to Funding a STEM Education: Website

Museum Resources

Boston's Museum of Science: Website

The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA): Website

Space Center Houston Virtual Tour*: Website

National Air & Space Museum's online learning resource: Website

National Air & Space Museum's STEM in 30 video series: Website

*Submitted by Corinna from the Lyndhurst STEM Club