On Jan 31, 2019, the Arizona Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society hosted a STEM RoundTable-TechTalk in conjunction with the VFS Autonomous VTOL and Electric VTOL Meeting held in Mesa, Arizona.  The STEM RoundTable-TechTalks bring together educators, administrators, students, local VFS Chapter members and VFS University Chapter members to discuss and share STEM issues, opportunities and best practices. This meeting had attendance of over 30 participants. 

Often times, these meetings are held at a specific location conducive to the Arizona Chapter's STEM focus. We were fortunate to have 2 guest speakers and a STEM facility brought to this meeting.

Mr. Ron Alto, VFS' STEM Advocate & Employee Development Executive, launched the meeting off and facilitated the RoundTable discussions.

Mr. Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director of the Vertical Flight Society, presented an overview and update of the VFS STEM program and the VFS STEM website capabilities. This website can serve as a resource to teachers, students, and other interested parties.

Mr. Rick Gutridge, President of Technical Research & Engineering Co. (TREC), was kind enough to bring his mobile Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory trailer for viewing and demonstrations. This laboratory simulates a futuristic research spacecraft designed to explore our Solar System from the convenience of a school parking lot. The enticing STEM curriculum is suitable and adjustable for ages K through 12. For information on the mobile laboratory, please go to www.asl-net.com.

STEM TREC Trailer Mesa Jan 2019

A special thanks to the VFS Arizona Chapter officers, members, and special guests who made this STEM RoundTable-TechTalk a success.