On Saturday, June 22, 2019,  the Arizona Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society supported the PA&SM (Pima Air & Space Museum) STEM Night. The VFS chapter booth was located next to an AH-1 attack helicopter and an AH-64 cockpit mockup. Youngsters and adults were educated and entertained by explanation and hands-on demonstrations of vertical lift technology, autorotation, rubberband and twirl-stick helicopters, the gyroscopic chair experience and demos of the AH64 Apache simulation software. Over 300 adults and children visited this event. PA&SM is co-located next to the famous Military Aviation Aircraft Bone Yard, where hundred of historical and current aircraft are stored for future use. 30 minutes away is an ICBM Silo Museum, where docents will take visitors through a simulated launch sequence.

A well-deserved thank you to Cynthia Limon, Aaron Fisher, Michael Sharp, Blair Sharp, Carter Lambert and Christa Luna, the VFS Arizona Chapter individuals that made it a special vertical flight day for the many attending children and their parents. As a result of this successful STEM event, the chapter has been invited to two other Arizona STEM events: Drone Racing at Chase Field on Sept. 8 and the AZ Capital Aerospace day in January 2020.

June 22 2019 VFS Arizona Pima Air and Space Museum