The Vertical Flight Society's Arizona Chapter was invited to supported the Arizona SciTech STEM event in Mesa, Arizona on October 3, 2018.
Chapter representatives showcased a variety of STEM activities, such as the gyroscopic precession chair, the Apache software PC demo, the rubber-band helicopter activities. They also explained the mission of the Vertical Flight Society to a steady stream of audience and handed out Vertiflite magazines, STEM flyers and other outreach materials. The booth had steady traffic, with an estimated 300-plus teachers, administrators, business personnel, students, CSO's, and parents who queued up to the booth all day long. Several individuals asked how to join the VFS and were appropriated guided on how to do so. A special thanks to the following Arizona Chapter volunteers who did a wonderful job supporting this important event: Ms. Tracy Ackerson (Boeing), Mr. Ron Alto, Ms. Joanne Baker (Boeing), Mr. Clayton Brown (Honeywell), Ms. Christa Luna (Boeing), and Mr. Ron Swinsick (Boeing), with a special mention to Mrs. Tonja Reinhert, Arizona Chapter President, for pre-event support.
Joanne Baker, Scott Swinsick and Ron Alto at Sci-Tech 2018