Chladni PlateRecently, the Vertical Flight Society’s Hampton Roads Chapter's Education Director, Dr. James Stephenson, engaged with local primary school children to encourage and develop of love of science and mathematics. Dr. Stephenson met with 140 first grade students to teach a hands-on lesson about sound and vibration, part of the Virginia Standards of Learning. Through the use of tuning forks, springs, a Chladni plate, and other hands-on tools he was able to show how vibrations propagate through different media, as well as how sound is produced through vibrations and movement. The students were engaged with a child-like wonder at the science, or ‘magic’ to hear them describe it, of the lesson. This is part of an active engagement in the local school districts by VFS-HRC, which includes outreach, scholarships, and science fair awards. Future in-class engagements are planned, and local schools are encouraged to reach out and contact Dr. Stephenson to discuss the possibility of a visit to your school!

For more pictures, please visit the VFS Photo Gallery album for this event.