On July 11, 2018, Bell in Canada was delighted to welcome a group of 17 ninth and tenth grade students to take part in a half-day of fun STEM activities at the company’s Mirabel facilities.

Montreal Ottawa Chapter Bell Mirabel STEM Day 2018 students welding

The students were welcomed at Bell by experiencing the gyroscopic effect of manipulating a bicycle wheel on a rotating platform, provided by the Vertical Flight Society and organized by the Chapter.

The students were also given an overview of innovations at Bell, followed by a brief outline of the professional journey taken by two current engineering interns. The group then visited the plant, where they had their photo taken with the company’s innovative FCX mock-up and HYDRA drone, before taking part in three immersive stations:

• Living the experience of a flight test team by attending a simulated telemetry room session on the Bell 505 helicopter, including monitoring all the flight test data coming from the aircraft.
• Flying the Bell 429 simulator and testing their skills for landing the helicopter using the collective, cyclic stick and pedals.
• Installing different type of rivets with rivet guns on metal panels and performing quality inspection.

The students greatly enjoyed their visit and were highly impressed by the facilities and activities offered. The chapter’s website is www.mtlott.vtol.org.