On September 9, 2019, the University of Texas at Arlington VFS Chapter held their inaugural meeting of the Fall 2019 semester. 35 students and faculty, including chapter advisors Dr. Baxter Mullins and Dr. Dudley Smith, were in attendance. The meeting kicked off with an introduction of the 2019-2020 student chapter leadership line-up:

  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Baxter Mullins
  • Faculty Mentor - Dr. Dudley Smith
  • President - Casey Matsler
  • VP/ Recruitment - Kacy Colstock-Millume
  • Secretary/PR - Alex Larsen
  • Treasurer - Brandi Garland

President Casey Matsler spent the rest of the meeting updating the students on the exciting developments of the rotorcraft/VTOL industry. A discussion was held on the new aircraft being developed as well as the recent aircraft that have been certified and making improvements to vertical flight. The chapter leadership reviewed the different military programs and discussed the potential of the the FVL programs and what that would mean for students that will soon be entering the professional industry.

UT Arlington Sept 2019 Chapter Meeting Civil Markets

Toward the end, the student chapter leadership emphasized the importance of being enthusiastic about what they want to work on in the future and how the Vertical Flight Society may help them reach their goals. The meeting culminated with an open forum for discussing various aspect of vertical flight.