Concordia University hosts guest speaker, Chantal Boucher, Bell Engineer 12 Mar 2019

Chantal Boucher, Chief of Project and Systems Engineering at Bell Canada, speaks to undergraduate engineering students at Concordia University in Montreal.


UT Arlington Chapter Hosts Erasmo Piñero, Bell Flight engineer 7 Feb 2019

Erasmo Piñero and students, Feb 2019 UTA Chapter Meeting

Erasmo Piñero, Bell Flight engineer, presented a lecture on helicopter technology to 50 students and faculty at UTA on February 4, 2019.


Arizona Chapter's STEM RoundTable-TechTalk at Autonomous VTOL/eVTOL Meeting 6 Feb 2019

On Jan 31, 2019, the Arizona Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society hosted a STEM RoundTable-TechTalk in conjunction with the VFS Autonomous VTOL and Electric VTOL Meeting held in Mesa, Arizona.